Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A New Idea About Joba

As I heard that Joba still has options and not a "lock" for the bullpen in New York, an idea has sprouted in my mind.

1) Option him to AAA
2) Use him as starter
3) See how it goes

Best Scenario: With some extra time in AAA, Joba rediscovers his old form and becomes a fabulous pitcher like he was expected to be back in 2007.

Worst Scenario: Joba screws up, loses favour in AAA, gets traded, then become a fixture on the other team. Meanwhile in New York, that one bullpen spot gives up the winning run in the deciding game of playoff spot/postseason series.

Likely Scenario: He's used as a reliever for the rest, or at least majority of the rest of his career. While he is involved in some memorable moments, people still hold thoughts on what could have been, if he was a starter.

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