Monday, February 14, 2011

My Short Thoughts On Bautista

1) Bautista's 2010 blew every prediction away.
2) Bautista never had a season of 100 OPS+ before this year.
3) Bautista never hit with a SLG of .500, or even .450, before this season's .617 .

Safe Assumptions:
1) Bautista will have similar protection in the lineup, if not better.
2) Bautista will never have a season like this again
3) Bautista will be a commodity when he hits the FA market if he hits 30 out of the park in 2011.
4) Toronto need him to be at the heart of their lineup.
5) Toronto has some payroll flexibility after trading away Wells and his loaded contract.

My Theories:
1) Bautista thinks that he won't do as well next season, so
2) he should get some leverage using his current year, and
3) the Jays are happy to oblige
4) He will get a book about his 2010 season.

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